EquineRepro Facebook Discussion Group

Group and List Discussion Subject Description:

“Collecting, evaluating, cooling/freezing and shipping of semen; artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and stallion and mare infertility issues are all topics you can expect to see on the list. Please note that genetics discussion (such as color genetics) is not considered suitable for this deserving of a list of its own!”


EquineRepro on Yahoo!
In 1998 the e-mail list “EquineRepro” on what was then “OneList” was created. With a free subscription, the membership list was soon growing! In the years since, “OneList” was bought by “E-Groups” and then “Yahoo!” and the e-mail list became known as EquineRepro@yahoogroups.com. That list grew to over 3,300 subscribers, and is the largest equine reproduction e-mail list on the Internet!. With over 46,000 messages posted since its creation, there have been an amazingly wide variety of topics discussed!
(Yahoo! closed all e-mail groups at the end of 2019.)

EquineRepro on Facebook
Times however change… As social media – and particularly Facebook – became more widely accepted, and “Groups” became popular, Equine-Reproduction.com recognized that this medium was rapidly overtaking e-mail as a means of poplar subject discussion. In addition to a more widespread degree of access, it also offers the ability to post images of matter under discussion, something that was becoming increasingly problematic with e-mail as a result of security risks. As a result, in March of 2013 we started a Facebook “sister page” to the Yahoo list, which can be found at EquineRepro on Facebook. This has now essentially superseded the e-mail list and itself has over 12,000 members. The groups is “public” and viewing posts is open to non-members (although one must join in order to post!).

More Details About Subject Matter and Behaviour

Because of the large number of subscribers, discussion is kept strictly “on topic”, with no advertising of items such as stallions at stud or horses for sale, and good polite behaviour is required. Anyone incapable of following these requirements is removed. Although this sounds as though it is highly restrictive, and could result in a very tedious “straight” environment, it has in fact resulted in one of the friendliest and consistently useful Internet locations one could imagine, which is remarkably free of both unpleasant “flaming” and other bad behaviour – a claim which sadly all too few Internet groups or lists are able to make! Non-commercial advertising of used breeding equipment is permitted, although such posts are not overbearing in presence. Subscribers to the Facebook Group are evaluated for suitability prior to approval of the application in order to avoid “spammers” as much as possible; the e-mail list has only moderated posts for new subscribers, so that is not an issue with that venue. These measures have so far kept the groups “clean” and free of annoyances for the most part – and the few problems that have arisen have been quickly resolved!

How To Subscribe to the EquineRepro Facebook Group:

EquineRepro on Facebook
To subscribe, you need to have a Facebook profile and while logged in go to: EquineRepro on Facebook and follow the directions. Note that your profile must be viewable, and must demonstrate an interest in the subject matter, or your application will be rejected.

We also strongly recommend that you read the group rules, as they keep the group healthy!