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Spring Training Courses 2019

Complete Equine Reproduction Short Course
(approved by Defra for the training of AI technicians)

2019 UK Location

UK: 9th, 10th, 11th February 2019 - Hartpury University, Gloucestershire, UK (AI Certification of Competence available)

These are three day, complete equine reproduction short courses. A short video of one of the courses previously held is viewable at the foot of this page.
When held within the UK, the artificial insemination sections of the course are approved by Defra after consultation with the RCVS to enable delegates to become officially recognised AI technicians.
The AI Certificate of Competence can be valid in other EU countries* and one does not have to be a UK resident to attend the course to obtain the certificate!
*(Contact by attendee with their country's Department of Agriculture or equivalent for course approval may be required ahead of time)

These courses are without doubt the most comprehensive stud course available in the UK or Ireland. Each day we cover a different area - the mare, the pregnant mare and foal, and the stallion. The course will include practical sessions, Q&A's, and a huge amount of practical and money saving advice. Every delegate receives detailed course notes, which are a fantastic resource!

Presented by acknowledged leading equine reproductive lecturer Jos Mottershead of LLC, teaching and practical work will be supported by the supervising veterinarian Katarzyna (Kate) Engiel-Murray M.R.C.V.S.

Tract Inspection - Hartpury, 2017
Tract Inspection - Hartpury, 2017

An Overview of Our Short Courses

Using MS PowerPoint TM, incorporating slides, text and video, coupled with a wide variety of available products and equipment for you to view and handle, we are able to provide dynamic and comprehensive presentations.

Although the courses are easily understandable, they are intensive and cover all aspects of equine reproduction and breeding. They include study of the anatomy and physiology of both the mare and the stallion reproductive systems; management of mare and stallion for optimal breeding; the mare's reproductive cycle and hormonal relationships; fertility evaluation; manipulation of the estrous cycle in the mare; techniques for live cover and artificial insemination of the mare; and the use of fresh, cooled, or frozen semen.

We discuss collection of semen from the stallion and the various methods, techniques, and products available for collection, evaluation and various aspects of semen analysis; preparation of semen for freezing, transport or on-farm use; identifying stallion or semen handling problems and trouble shooting them; and sexual behaviour of the stallion and how it can be modified.

The pregnant mare will be discussed including the hormonal activity present during pregnancy; care of the pregnant mare, and identifying and dealing with common pregnancy problems. Needs of the foaling mare and her resulting foal are addressed. Determining IgG levels in neonates is discussed as well as proper supplementation. We also present an overview of some common foaling and neonatal problems.

Examples of Topics Covered in the Short Courses:

Coverpage illustration
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  • Manipulating the estrous cycle using natural methods, as well as pharmaceuticals;
  • Methods of semen collection from stallions, including equipment that is available;
  • Transported, cooled and frozen semen from both the mare owner's and the stallion owner's perspective;
  • How to correctly process semen for on-farm or shipped use;
  • Troubleshooting problems that may arise as well as methods for improving conception rates;
  • Management of the mare and stallion for optimum success;
  • Latest advances and progress in equine reproductive technology.
Detailed Course Notes
Everyone attending receives detailed course notes!
(actual representation above)
"Click" here to view course notes introduction and content pages
(Adobe Acrobat reader required)

Hartpury University, Gloucestershire, UK

Sat., Sun., Mon., 9th, 10th, 11th, February, 2019
This is a three day, complete equine reproduction short course.
Candidates fulfilling all requirements attending this course will be eligible to receive the Equine AI Certificate of Competence

Without doubt the most comprehensive stud short course available in the UK or Ireland, successful candidates will receive the AI Certificate of Competence required to allow lay persons to legally perform equine AI within the EU. In addition to AI instruction, three areas are covered in full - the mare, the pregnant mare and foal, and the stallion. As required by Defra, the course includes practical AI training sessions under the supervision of Kate Murray, MRCVS, the supervising veterinarian.

Course fee for Hartpury: £450.00

Discount available!
Cost is £375.00 per person if booked and payment is received in full by 12th January, 2019!!!

(50% Hartpury University Student Discount off full price is also available - please identify yourself as such and you will be notified of details in the return e-mail)

For more information or to obtain details as to how to book your place please use the Registration Form below.
Mare, newborn foal and Belmont House Stud

Please use this form to send us your Short Course place application by e-mail.

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We will e-mail you back with further details including payment methods.

Please note that the number of available places are limited and that your place in the course is not reserved until payment in full is received and has cleared our bank.

If you are a Hartpury Student, please identify yourself as such in the message section in order to receive the Hartpury student discount!

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Some comments about the course:

"Wow! That was the best weekend seminar I have ever attended. Now I know what to ask my vet, and I even learned how to do many things myself! I figure I will save the cost of the class in vet bills in about a week! I highly recommend this class to anyone who is breeding horses!" Kris Garrett, Grand Prix Andalusians

"An excellent course for both breeders and vets! I was very impressed with the information provided and as a veterinarian was pleased to have learned so much. The lecturers had an answer for every question I asked. Well done!" Ken Valencich, D.V.M.

"As a true "lay person" in the field of equine reproduction, I was hesitant to spend the time and money. I am so glad that I made the right decision! The lecturers somehow manage to keep everyone involved and are able to make some complicated issues very clear and understandable...... The Course 'Notes' needs to be published! They are as complete and concise as the seminar, and I know I will be referring to it all year." B. Buerkle

"The best course I have ever been on" Naomi Webb